OPTIMA Spieltuch

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OPTIMA Playing Cloth - The Optimal Underlay for Plucked Instruments The OPTIMA Playing Cloth -... more
Product information "OPTIMA Spieltuch"
OPTIMA Playing Cloth - The Optimal Underlay for Plucked Instruments

The OPTIMA Playing Cloth - the perfect accessory for plucked instruments such as guitar, mandolin, mandola and mandriola. With this high-quality cloth you can fully concentrate on your music without having to worry about your instrument slipping away.
An of course it is 100% Made in Germany!

Designed specifically for plucked instruments, the OPTIMA playing cloth provides a non-slip surface that keeps your instrument securely in place. Whether you're playing fast chords, using complex fingerpicking patterns, or soloing with passion, the OPTIMA Playing Cloth will give you the stability and security you need to play your best.

Our OPTIMA Playcloth is designed with great care to protect your instrument from damage. It offers soft padding that prevents scratches and wear, while providing a gentle carpet pad. You can play without worry and fully concentrate on the sound and technique.

The custom size of the OPTIMA playing surface fits plucked instruments perfectly. Simply placed under your instrument, it provides a stable base for comfortable and effective playing. The OPTIMA Playing Cloth does not compromise the sound quality or playability of your instrument, allowing you maximum expressiveness.

Experience a new level of playing comfort and stability with the OPTIMA Playing Cloth. Whether you're an experienced musician or an aspiring performer, the OPTIMA Playing Cloth will help you take your playing to the next level.

Choose the OPTIMA Playing Cloth - the ultimate pad for plucked instruments. Order now and enjoy a safe and smooth playing experience so you can live your musical passion to the fullest.