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Geretsried, 03/01/2016

For bass players who yearn for that old-skool thump of the 50’s / 60’s, Optima have gone back in time to re-produce a flat wound bass string which truly revives the feel and sound of an era… the way you remember it. Optima endeavoured to make the RB FLATS authentic in every way.

Constructed over a round core for increased flexibility and lower tension, the RB FLATS are wound with a pure nickel flat wire, which is then polished to a high shine, resulting in a string that is both supple and comfortable to play. With the RB FLATS, Optima have created a flat wound bass string which echo’s the classic tones of yesteryear.

4440 RB Flatwounds

Goldbrokat Premium 24K GOLD

Markneukirchen, January 2015

For the GOLDBROKAT PREMIUM we use a new special steel which quality and sound characteristics set new standards. The surface is extremely uniform, the string has a very good resonance. Its sound is brilliant but yet warm. Insensitive to external infl uences, this string has a very long durability. Also the GOLDBROKAT PREMIUM is available in all scales with ball or loop end, in 5 different gauges.

The GOLDBROKAT PREMIUM 24K GOLD was created through our decades of experience in the production of Gold strings. As a basis we use the GOLDBROKAT PREMIUM which has been coated with real 24 carat Gold in an elaborate process. This gold plating protects the string against all external infl uences and gives it a warm and wonderfully mellow sound.

The GOLDBROKAT PREMIUM BRASSED completes the selection of our e"-strings for violin. This string has a brass coating and offers besides the improved protection another very good sound choice for the musician.

Markneukirchen, 03/01/2015

We are very proud to inform that the OPTIMA Musiksaiten GmbH in Geretsried acquired the production of LENZNER Leonhardt GmbH in Markneukirchen. We are pleased to continue the strings of the LENZNER brand, such as the popular GOLDBROKAT, PROTOS and SYNFLEX, and the famous BRONCE, ARTIST and SILVER acoustic guitar strings, as well as the classic guitar strings LENZNER SILBER and accompanying children guitar strings. Also of course the mandolin, in particular the highly acclaimed LENZNER CONSORT, we still on offer.

Optima has expanded the location Markneukirchen and could hire 5 new employees in 2015. Also the well known and popular products could be improved. To make this clear to the outside world, now bear all former LENZNER strings from Markneukirchen with pride the name Optima.